Reception: Confirmation of pregnancy

Congratulations on finding out that you are pregnant. Please read the information below to get your self booked in and to start your journey. 

By completing the form below a copy will be sent to the maternity team at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust & ourselves.

They will use this to book you in for your future maternity care and will get in touch with you shortly. 

Once they receive this completed form, they will be in touch within 5 working days to arrange a booking appointment for when you are between 8 and 10 weeks pregnant. An ultrasound scan will be offered to you at around 12 weeks to ascertain when your baby is due.

If you are unable to contact them by completing the form below or have any difficulties answering the questions, please contact the Bluebell Birth Centre at Warwick Hospital, on 01926 495321 ext 6977 and they will assist you.  

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, please contact the Bluebell Birth Centre on 01926 495321 ext 6977.

Reception: Confirmation of pregnancy
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If you are aware of this. NHS finder link above.

Folic Acid: It is recommended that you take folic acid tablets (400 micrograms) until your first scan at around 12 weeks. This is widely available from pharmacies and supermarkets. If you want to get your folic acid from a multivitamin, make sure that it is suitable to take during pregnancy and the tablet does NOT contain vitamin A (retinol). You may need to be prescribed a higher dose (5mg) of folic acid if you have any of the conditions listed below.

Please note you cannot complete this form unless you have emailed the Emerald Team via the instructions listed above. Thank you.

Vitamin D: The department of health also advises you to consider taking a vitamin D supplement. In general this should be 10 micrograms (400 units) a day. You may require a higher dose if any of the following applies to you:

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