Reception: Contraception Options

There are lots of different methods of contraception available and different types will suit different people.

Methods can be hormonal or non hormonal.

Non hormonal methods include the copper coil and barrier methods, such as condoms or the female diaphragm or condom.

Hormonal methods include pills, a patch, vaginal ring or contraceptive injection. Or there are longer acting methods such as hormonal coils and the implant.

The NHS wesbite below contains lots of useful information about these different methods.

Please look through this website and then fill in as much information as possible.

Some of this information will already be included in your medical notes but this is a good opportunity to update any changes.

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If yes, what have you used and did it suit you? If it did not suit you please explain why not or what you didn't like.
Health information

Sometimes other health problems or medication can affect the types of contraception that are safe to use. Answering these questions will help us work out which options are best for you.

If yes please let us know if you are breastfeeding
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