Admin: Online Detailed Coded Records Access (DCRA)

Please ONLY complete this form if you ALREADY have online access (e.g. NHS app, patient access) but you want to increase this access beyond the core features. If you need online access please click here.

Completing this form will register you for Online Detailed Coded Records Access (DCRA). You may want DCRA if you are using the NHS app/patient access but would like more indepth information from your medical records visible. This allows you online access to view your Medical Records at any time which will include: 

  • Consultation information
  • Results of investigations
  • Medical Record showing diagnoses
  • Investigations and procedures
  • Allergies
  • Vaccinations
  • Medication
Please do not write any clinical queries on this form. Any clinical queries or request for appointments via this form will be discarded. To make an appointment either book online via the NHS app/Patient access or by calling reception. We will start to process your form by the next working day but it will take up to 7 working days to complete. Please DO NOT call before 7 working days as you will not receive a status update from reception or the administrative team. If you are NOT a registered patient then your form will be discarded. This service is only for patients registered at the surgery aged 16 and over; and for parents or legal guardians of children. Forms must be completed in the UK due to GDPR regulations. 
Admin: Online Detailed Coded Records Access (DCRA)
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You may see that a test result is reported as ‘abnormal’ or information about you that concerns you.

For example, you may have seen a hospital doctor who will write to your GP. You may read information in their letter that you do not understand or you find upsetting. You may have a test done that shows something ‘bad’ that you were not expecting. (e.g. an x-ray report which shows you have a ‘shadow’ on your lungs). You may be reading these results/letters when the surgery is closed, in the evening or at the weekend, before the GP has accessed them.

Privacy Protection

Information submitted through secure forms is used only for the purposes of processing your request. We may be in touch with you in relation to the information submitted.

All Information submitted through secure forms is secured with a private key and is accessed over a secure connection by nominated staff. We have a strict confidentiality policy.

This information is not shared with any third party organisations.

This information is retained for up to 28 days.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Should you have any concerns about sending your personal details using the web, please use one of the alternative methods offered by our organisation.

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