Lifestyle Clinic

Lifestyle Clinic

Do you want to make changes to your lifestyle?

Want help with that journey?

Want to be part of a free local community to help you achieve our goals?

Then this clinic will be perfect for you! Based at Clarendon Lodge we will be giving you up to date information on how you can use your lifestyle to help protect and treat a wide range of physical and mental health conditions.

The sessions are non-judgemental and relaxed. One of our main rules is 'be kind to yourself'. We all have good & bad days and making lifestyle changes can be really hard! We look forward to welcoming you to one of our sessions. To join the next available group please complete the form below & select the dates you would like to attend. We will then send you a confirmation text once you are booked on. Please ensure you let us know if you no longer are able to attend those sessions by calling Clarendon Lodge on 01926 331401 and informing reception.

Session 1: Nutrition NOT Diet!

Food is not something to be feared. It is crucial for our survival and health. The right foods can help protect & improve our health while the wrong foods can have a substantial impact on your quality of life, energy levels & mood. In this sessions we explore your thoughts around nutrition & help debunk some myths while explain why we can so often have an unhealthy attitude towards what we eat.

Session 2: Behaviour, Community & Hurdles

In this session we explore how are behaviours are influenced strongly by our lifestyle & vice versa. Understanding how we think, can help us learn to avoid the many pitfalls that result in us straying from a new lifestyle intervention. Furthermore, we discuss the importance of joining a community like our free fitness club to help maintain motivation, gain confidence and overcome hurdles.

Session 3: Physical activity

Grab your trainers because in this session we explore the vital role physical activity plays in keeping us both physically & mentally healthy. Our trained UK athletic coaches will help identify an exercise program for you. You may feel that you are unable to undertake exercise due to physical or mental health barriers but there are often many different forms which can be done as long as you keep an open mind and are prepared to try something new. We try where weather allows to do the session outside and have as much fun as possible!

When is it?

  • Group sessions with around 5-10 participants
  • Made up of 3 sessions
  • Tuesday at 17:20

Location: Meeting Room in Clarendon Lodge Medical Practice - 16 Clarendon Street, L Spa CV4 9GQ

Group Session

Led by

  • Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi (Lifestyle GP & UK Athletics Coach)
  • Dr Shahnaz Hassan (Lifestyle Psychiatrist & UK Athletics Coach)
  • Dr Oliver Lawton (GP)

Open for a wide variety of patients. To attend discuss with practice staff.

Topics covered

  1. Physical activity
  2. Food
  3. Behaviour
  4. Hurdles & support (Group workshops)
  5. Community


Lifestyle Clinic

Croft Medical Centre

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