Annual asthma review

It is vital that every year we assess your asthma symptoms. For your convience we are making the process easier then ever.

For patients who have a saved mobile number we may send you and accuRx florey message. This will allow you to update us on your current symptoms and demonstrated in the video below. If you would like to update us with your mobile number to use this service please complete this form.<

For those without a mobile number you can complete this online form or we will send you a letter to your home address (to update your home address click here). In the letter there will be a questionnaire which we would like you to return to us on completion.

What happens after I respond to either the text or letter?

Your responses will be reviewed by our asthma nurses. Based on this they will decide the next course of action. This can include

  1. Text information with links to useful videos and leaflets
  2. A telephone appointment with an asthma nurse
  3. A face to face appointment with an asthma nurse
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Local Services, Let