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With the General Practice Data for Planning and Research commencing on 1st July 2021, any opt out decision must be made to either the practice (for Option 1) or at (National Opt Out) by 23rd June 2021 to ensure your preference is in place by 1st July.

Option 1 Opt Out

Choosing an Option 1 Opt Out means that your data will not leave the practice during any data extractions by NHS Digital. You can access the appropriate form to exercise this option by choosing the Option 1 Opt Out button above.

Option 2: National Opt Out

If you choose the National Opt Out option then your data will leave the practice in pseudonomysed form and be stored by NHS Digital. Your data will be used by NHS Digital only to inform decisions on planning and Commissioning of future services, investment in NHS infrastructure, etc.

Summary Care Records

Your Summary Care Record contains basic information about medication and allergies and any reaction to medication you have had in the past. If you would rather not have a Summary Care Record then an opt out form can be obtained by clicking here.

Please note that Summary Care Records and Summary Care Record opt outs are different from the General Practice Data for Planning and Research. If you have previously opted out of the Summary Care Record service, this will not automatically opt you our of any aspect of the General Practice Data for Planning and Research.

Practice Privacy Notice

Every organisation must have a Privacy Notice. This explains how your data is collected, stored and shared. The Privacy Notice will provide you, as a data subject, with how the practice manages your data and the legal basis on which this is done. Please click the button above to view the Practice Privacy Notice.

General Practice Data for Planning and Reseach (GPDfPR)

With effect from the 1st September 2021, the NHS, NHS Digital, will be introducing a new service called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDfPR). This service will extract data from GP Clinical system. This data will be used for planning and Commissioning new service and NHS infrastructure as well as for research. More information on the GPDfPR can be found here along with how to opt out if you would rather not have your data collected (General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) - NHS Digital). A short video overview of the service can be access here

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