Referral Process

In certain situations your GP or nurse will need to refer you to other service providers. This may include community or hospital teams. They will inform you when this is necessary.

The various teams we refer to, manage this process differently. The different processes are outlined below.

Urgent 2 Week Wait Referrals

An urgent 2 week wait referral is completed when one of our clinicans feels you should be referred promptly to the hospital (Within 2 weeks of making the referral). Please do not be alarmed by this as often it is precautionary, however it is essential you attend. If you are not contacted by the hospital within 2 weeks then you MUST contact us.

Electronic referrals

Often we refer via an electronic system called E-Referral Service (ERS). In this instance a member of our clinical staff will make a referral to the relevant speciality/clinic. You will then receive your referral information via text*. You will then be able to booking your appointment online or over the phone.

*if you do not have a mobile, under 16 or do not consent to receiving a text from us then you can request the referral information is printed and you can collect from reception (after 5 working days; please ensure you bring photographic ID with you to present to our reception staff).

Non-Electronic Referrals

In this instance you will receive a letter or phone call from their team offering you an appointment. Sadly we are unable to give you timeframes as waits vary rapidly. If you feel your referral is delayed and have received no information then please contact the secretaries of the relevant team you were referred too.

Radiology referrals

Your doctor may of referred you for a scan to investigate your symptoms or to monitor your condition. There can sometime be delays to this process. Given the current COVID pandemic the likelihood of delays will unfortunately be increased. If after a reasonable time you have not heard anything back from the radiology (imaging) department please use the details below to contact them.

X-rays (Plain radiographs): For these scans please call the booking line on 01926 600007 then option 1 to arrange an appointment.

CT (Computed tomography), MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), USS (Ultrasound 'Jelly scan'):

Private referrals

If you would like to be seen privately, please advise the GP of this during your consultation. We would advise you check with your insurers as they may have a list of preferred providers they wish you to see. If you are self-funding then we ask that you investigate the consultant and hospital that you wish to be referred to and inform us via our online form.

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